Credit Union Client Spotlight

We truly appreciate having a trusted mortgage partner in CMF. They have acted as an extension of us and treat our members with care and respect. We like that they only serve credit union members and their support staff is AWESOME. Our Rep, Jacque, works with us on marketing materials and campaigns, which is a huge help since we don’t otherwise have those resources. I recommend CMF as a mortgage business partner for their ability to make us, and our members, feel that our business is important to them.

- Rosie Zarubick
- NOVO Federal Credit Union

Member Success Stories

"This was without doubt the easiest, smoothest, most pleasant real estate transaction in which I have ever been involved. Allen Young, and Pat Kimbrough possessed the knowledge to answer my many questions, and did so in a timely and professional manner. Communication was clear and concise. The estimated timeline for a closing date was met without delay. I worked in the real estate industry for 22 years and never before have I experienced such a truly easy and painless transaction (neither professionally nor personally). Prior to this transaction, I never would have used the words "easy" or "smooth" to describe a real estate purchase or refi. I simply cannot convey to you how refreshing this transaction was. I would not hesitate to use your company again, and I would highly recommend your company to friends, family and colleagues."

- Linda Crocchi

"I would like to complement CMF in the handling of my refinancing of our home. I now have used CMF to finance and refinance our primary residence along with two investment properties. Our home refinance was handled by phone and done in less than a month. In all three loans, the interest rate was the best I could find. But just as importantly, the service provided was extremely professional from start to finish...I was also impressed in the minimum amount of time it took to complete the transactions. Rest assured, that I will recommend CMF to anybody I know that is looking for a home loan."

- M. Huff

"I recently was able to complete a reverse mortgage transaction through CMF for my parents' home. I wanted to take a minute to tell you what an amazing job Nanete Davila did for me on this loan [...] Without Ms. Davila's patience, kindness and understanding I probably would have just thrown up my hands in frustration. After my loan finally closed, I felt like Ms. Davila was almost a member of my family [....] More importantly she put a very human face on a complex financing and her care and service went far beyond what I could have ever hoped for or received at any other lending institution. Nanete Davila epitomizes the credit union "member first" philosophy."

- William E. Dobberpuhl

"Not only was I able to obtain the refinance at a good rate, my loan officer also suggested I could obtain additional savings by combining my second trust deed into my primary mortgage which garnered savings of over $500 a month. I take the time to write this short note to compliment my loan officer on his customer service and follow-up skills, as it is not often in this day-in-age that employees present themselves in a manner that even customers can be proud of."

- Roger L. Haley
City Manager- Lynwood

"HUGE TIME SAVER: CMF offered the online option for home mortgages. You do everything online. Almost everyone uses the Internet these days. With our busy schedules, online was the only answer. If you can receive email from your phone, CMF is the option you need. The staff is very professional and helpful. The team met all deadlines promised, and they really have this process streamlined and efficient. The escrow agent came to our home, we signed all docs within 30 minutes. This is an awesome team, and if you want your mortgage done right, you will contact CMF immediately. I will tell all of my family, friends and co-workers to use CMF!!"

- Norma Gaddison

"I have only positive things to say about FIGFCU's [in partnership with CMF] role in getting me a loan for my new condominium... Mr. Young in particular was prompt, responsive, and understood that, while we were involved in a financial transaction, there was an emotional component. He displayed business acumen and the emotional intelligence that I appreciated. A job well done!"

- Michael S.

"CMF came through when others didn't. I approached five funding sources for my mortgage. As a small business owner, part time professor and W2 employee, my income is a little more complex than the average person. I quickly found that most mortgage brokers and lenders were too lazy to work with me, because I didn't fit nicely into the boxes on their forms. With a couple of mortgage companies, after one phone call, I never heard from them again. CMF was different. The staff worked through the complexity of my financial situation, got the loan approved, and allowed me to purchase my home. They definitely earned their money and I would encourage anyone looking for financing to seriously consider CMF."

- Michael Manahan
President -